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To promote the profession of  Doctor of Pharmacy through advocacy,education, and communication to improve public health and the quality of life.

The Objectives of the Association shall be:

a)      To improve and promote public health.

b)      To serve as a platform for all round professional development of  Doctor of  Pharmacy                     professionals.

c)       To educate the public on the proper use of medications and on the pharmacist’s role in                     providing  patient care.

d)     To facilitate information exchange and improve communication between members, members         of the health care team, and the public

e)      To provide a forum for exchange of innovative ideas among pharmacists and collaborate                 with other health care providers to establish progressive health systems.

f)      To hold seminars, symposia, conference and exhibitions for promoting the cause of the                    profession of Pharmacy, education and research.

g)      To edit and publish journals, books, magazines, documents and other publicationsfor                     growing the cause of the profession of Pharmacy and education of  Pharmacists.

h)      To cooperate with all organizations having similar aims and purposes.

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