The Doctor of Pharmacy Association is a non profit professional organization started with an aim to promote the profession of Doctor of Pharmacy through advocacy, education, and communication to improve public health and the quality of life.
DPA is a GHWA Member
DPA is proud to be a member of GHWA. In India, still people do not know who is a pharmacist and what’s his role. Despite overwhelming evidence of the positive impact pharmacists can have on patient health, pharmacists are not recognized as healthcare providers in India.
Main activities
To improve and promote public health. To serve as a platform for all round professional development of Doctor of Pharmacy professionals. To facilitate information exchange and improve communication between members, members of the health care team, and the public
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The Doctor of Pharmacy Association is a Registered non profit professional organization.(Regd.NO.1737/12)

DPA team at 66th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Hyderabad
Student Voice
DPA works to provide members with a voice in PharmD at the state and national levels.Through legislative representation, policy planning, and lobbying, the association ensures that issues pertaining to PharmD are not overlooked or undercut.
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